Food Exports to South Africa

Finland is interested in significantly increasing their food exports, opening new markets for exports and improving their competitive position relative to their European neighbours. The South African market might just be the perfect opportunity to achieve this.

FinnZa can help Finnish companies to understand the complexed South African food safety and food control systems, the different regulatory bodies, what they do and how they work together. We can assist companies to identify the import requirements (such as permits, registrations and certificates) for the exportation of food to South Africa.

Important food law requirements for the food being sold in South Africa are addressed, such as what rules and regulations apply, general rules on labelling, additives, health claims and other legislation, to ensure that any product entering South Africa is compliant. Services relating to the border inspection and customs procedures are provided.

For products to be allowed into South Africa, the South African receiving company is required to have a local importers licence and relevant food import permits. This is where the South African affiliate company of FinnZa comes in. FinnZa has an affiliate company called KivaX (Pty) Ltd., which is a South African registered company with a food import licence. Finnish companies now have the advantage of working directly with a Finnish based company, while still getting full access to a local South African network of experts in the field of food imports. This makes communication and payments easier, without having to worry about the nitty-gritties of South African legislation.

With our knowledge and expertise in the South African market, FinnZa can conduct market research on specific food products to be imported. We are your one-stop-shop for food imports into South Africa.

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