Consulting and Field Service



FinnZa offers consulting services in Product Management and can help the customer to take a product form concept to market. We have decades of experience in developing industrial safety products and members of the team was involved in developing the worlds first fixed Ultrasonic Gas Leak detector.  

The FinnZa team works together with our partner companies R&D departments to tailor the products to a specific market. We help with Field Testing and Marketing Collateral and taking the product to market. FinnZa will assist in building sales channels, training and field service in the new markets.  

For products entering the Southern African market, FinnZa can assist with local manufacturing. This will bring to overall cost of the product down, introduce local content and promote local job creation. 


Field Service

Fixed Fire and Gas Detection

Through the leadership of Mr. Gregory Neethling, who was one of the pioneers in the development of fixed Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detection (UGLD), our field service experts can assist the customer with placement, allocation, setup, maintenance, troubleshooting and training of fixed Fire and Gas Detection Systems and in particular UGLD.

FinnZa offers ultrasonic mapping of out customer's facilities to determine the allocation and placement of UGLD and how to integrate these units with the conventional fixed Fire and Gas Detection Systems. FinnZa also offers full training on UGLD systems. 


Renewable Energy Systems

Through our partners, FinnZa also offers full field service and training on all Renewable Energy Systems installed by FinnZa. 


For more information on these services, please contact FinnZa